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Dragon Kendama

Our best value Kendama

Available in an amazing range olf colours and designs.


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  • Arriving soon: new Ozora Year of the Monkey, Ozora Premium Red and Blue. Plus restocks (Jan 2016)
  • NEW! Premium Beech with Cassia wood kendama (Nov 2015)
  • NEW! Dradon Rasta Pill (Nov 2015)
  • RESTOCKS: popular Dragon solid colour kendama (Nov 2015)
  • NEW! Premium Purple Heart, Kassord and Zebrano hardwood kendama on sale (Sept 2015)
  • NEW! Ozora Premium Kendama Gold (June 2015)
  • NEW! Ozora Street Kendama Black (June 2015)
  • NEW! Ozora Year of the Sheep Kendama (June 2015)
  • NEW! Dragon Premium Cherry Hardwood Pill (April 2015)
  • NEW! Yumu 3 coloured kendama (December 2014)
  • NEW! Dragon Bamboo Kendama (November 2014)
  • NEW! Dragon Premium Hardwood Kendama (August 2014)
  • NEW! Dragon Pill Kendama
  • New Yumu 3.0 kendama now on sale!
  • New Ozora Year of the Horse kendama on order plus restock of other items (March 2014)
  • New! Kendama Book "Click! Beyond the valley of the kendama" on sale now.
  • Dragon Eye Kendama on sale!
  • Ozora Premium, Blue Galaxy and Limited Edition Metallic Green kendama now in stock.
  • The Pill by Terra Kendama now in stock!
  • Dragon Skin Kendama now in stock!
  • New Ozora colours in stock - Pink, Black and Dark Blue plus the new pink Galaxy.
  • Ozora coloured kendama string sets now in stock!
  • Sunrise Kendama restocked!
  • New colour TK16 Master Kendamas now on sale!
  • New Ozora Snake kendama now on sale!
  • New! Lots more Dragon Kendama colours and designs. Plus the new Dragon Junior and Baby sized kendama!
  • Yumu Kendama back in stock - 10 different colours!
  • Ozora Hanabi 'Firework' Kendama on sale!
  • SunRise Pocket childrens kendama back in stock.
  • Sweets Wood Dye and Translucent kendma models on sale.
  • Sweets Aisuru Kendama now on sale!
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  • SunRise Performer LARGE Kendama on sale
  • Ozora Emperor andTaiyo king-sized Kendama now in stock.
  • Ozora 'I LOVE KENDAMA' edition now in stock.
Ozora KendamaSale Product

Ozora Kendama

Special offers available. Genuine Ozora kendama from Japan.

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